What can Expat Physio do for you?

Expat Physio aims to reduce your symptoms be it pain, dysfunction and/or restrictions of mobility and movement, and return them to their optimal function as quickly as possible.

Expat Physio provides treatment for a wide variety of conditions including (acute) sport injuries, (chronic) lower back and neck pain, whiplash and many more. Basically any type of musculoskeletal conditions.

What can you expect?

  • The first step of rehabilitation and recovery is always an in-depth and thorough assessment to pinpoint the core problems.
Expat Physio works based on the assumption that the accumulation of previous injuries plus the current lifestyle contributes to the development of new (or old) injuries.
You may have old or ‘dormant’ injuries that might not pose a problem yet, however they can become problematic under the influence of stress, fatigue or (over)training.


  • After the examination a treatment plan is created which takes into consideration your work, lifestyle, preferences and your current health habits.
  • During the treatment a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise therapy is used.

When should you contact me?

  • If you are injured or in pain.
  • If you have a question about your injury.
  • If you have no pain or ailment but you want to become better, faster and stronger.
  • For (sports) massage, personal training, (company) bootcamp, small group training.